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DC’s proposed restrictive scheduling law – the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act (HSSA) - would not only negatively impact employees, but could grind retail development in the city to a halt. Lack of flexibility for workers and businesses will be especially disastrous when commutes are disrupted by upcoming Metro delays and closures.

Sign our petition to call on the DC Council to maintain job growth and investment by rejecting restrictive scheduling.


Predictive Scheduling is a Restrictive Nightmare

The retail industry has been a true success story over the last decade in D.C., in many cases transforming vacant lots and declining areas into neighborhoods bustling with new residents & economic growth.



Restrictive Scheduling Would Hurt Young People, Seniors Looking for Part-Time Work

The Council would tie the hands of employers, disrupt the relationship between managers and employees, and destroy the flexibility that retail employees appreciate. This single step could prevent future development in DC, and we cannot let that happen.